Business Meeting: Dos And Don’ts

Business Meeting: Dos And Don’ts

Business meetings often lack efficiency due to seemingly small issues. The reason is failing to follow certain etiquette. Sticking to simple rules and knowing the dos and don’ts of a meeting could help you boost productivity while enjoying the process.

Whether you are running a meeting or just participating in, take advantage of the following tips.

Important Business Meeting Dos

Let’s go over important things you should be doing at a business meeting

  •         Arrive on time – punctuality is the key to any etiquette, and business meetings aren’t an exception. Forcing others to wait takes the urgency out of the process, relaxing, or worse, frustrating other participants.
  •         Use your full name – when you introduce yourself, make sure to give your full name. It sounds official and makes it easier for others to remember you. Make it a point to remember the names of other participants. You can write them down.
  •         Put away your smartphone – focus your attention on what’s going on inside the room. Your smartphone doesn’t just distract you, it makes others nervous. If you must check a message or make a call, excuse yourself and step out of the room.
  •         Sit comfortably – physical comfort is highly important to the efficiency of the meeting. Make sure you find a comfortable sitting position. You should be able to see all the participants from your seat.
  •         Dress properly – always pay special attention to the dress code. Attending a business meeting in jeans and a t-shirt, especially if you are hosting it, is out of the question.
  •         Show attentiveness – ask questions, interact with other participants, take notes. Show your interest in the subject of the meeting.
  •         Listen – try to do more listening than talking. A business meeting is an excellent opportunity to hear other people’s opinions. Even if you are a host, don’t try to upstage others.

Important Business Meeting Don’ts

According to business brokers from, a seemingly routine business meeting can be of utter importance to the well-being of a company and its employees. That’s why it’s vital to pay special attention to these business meeting don’ts.

  •         Don’t interrupt – even if you have something highly important to say, it can wait until the previous speaker stops talking. By showing disregard of someone else’s opinion, you could ruin the delicate atmosphere of a meeting.
  •         Don’t talk long – try to give yourself a certain time for speaking and don’t exceed it. Allow others to have their say.
  •         Do not eat – even if there is candy or other refreshments on the table, avoid taking them. Eating during a business meeting is not polite.
  •         Don’t act emotional – some business meetings can get emotional. Don’t get into heated arguments. Ask for a break if you need time to calm down.
  •         Don’t engage in side conversations – whispering to your neighbor can be distracting for all participants.

Following these simple rules to make your next business meeting more productive. By being attentive to detail and respectful to others, you can find common ground and solve numerous problems.